EcoDoc Print Management

Re-think How You Print!

Manage your printers and improve your bottom line. You could be saving 25-40%!

Ninety percent of companies do not know what they are currently spending on desktop and network printing. Failure to proactively measure, monitor and manage your document output environment can cost you 3%-5% of your total revenue. Using ALT's ecodoc™ Print Management Solution, we can help you assess, reduce and manage your imaging costs.

Customers who implement EcoDoc™ can expect network and desktop printing cost reductions between 25% and 40%.


Our all-inclusive, fixed, single cost-per-page solution enables you to simply pay for what you print.

  • Includes unlimited toner, all parts & labor and preventative maintenance.
  • Offers a Toner Inventory Management Program that eliminates the "out of toner" emergencies as well as waste associated with too much toner.
  • Measures, monitors and controls who is printing how much and on which device.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple vendors.
  • Identifies unauthorized use of your printers.
  • Matches equipment with your office's needs.
  • Reassigns or redeploys high cost, low performance equipment.
  • Improves employee productivity by matching the right printer with the right volume.
  • Offers cost-effective, easy to implement eco-friendly alternatives.

Once you have taken the first step towards improving your bottom line, it is critical to assess, reduce and manage your entire fleet through remote print monitoring. This is just one of the many ways ALT can continue to reduce your print costs by 25%-40%!

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