Document Management

What do we do with all this paper?

Web-Based Document Management Solutions That Save You Time and Money

Businesses spend, on average, 50% of their time looking for documents and 7%-10% of their revenue on manual document management. ALT's DocManagement Solution offers easy to use scanning, filing and searching solutions that will make your office more productive. We include the hardware, software and complete training to meet your needs. By incorporating ALT's DocManagement Solution, hard copy documents can be converted to various digital formats and archived in a central repository. Flexible document indexing enables you to easily retrieve your document by any word or phrase.

Benefits of Document Management Software

  • Increase workflow productivity and utilization of all your machines.
  • Eliminate loss and misfiling of hard copy documents.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with instant access to your clients' documents.
  • Scan your documents to email and save on the expense of faxing.
  • Enable multiple employees in different locations to view the same document at the same time.
  • Access documents through a web-based Interface that simplifies training and deployment of the software.
  • Attain per-server licensing that gives you the ability to add users without additional cost.
  • Benefit from non-proprietary software. All data is stored in industry standard formats to ensure future compatibility.
  • Allows integration, extraction and publishing to and from ODBC databases via Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC).
  • Achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership a.k.a. best value in the document management market.

Document management solutions excel at meeting the needs of businesses that want to protect their valuable paper-based documentation, while also providing a simple and effective way to distribute documentation across the office or across the world.

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