About Us

History of Great Service

Applied Laser Technologies (ALT), an award-winning leader in eco-friendly print management and optimization solutions, has been helping clients manage expenses and increase productivity since it opened its doors in 1989. ALT helps clients develop cost-saving strategies that minimize and control document output costs, while maximizing current assets and workflow.

ALT is your unbiased, single source provider for printer, copier, scanner, multifunction and fax systems, onsite service and supplies including OEM compatible toner cartridges. We take pride in being your independent dealer and advisor so that you get the best product at the best price for your company's needs.

We see imaging solutions though your eyes.

While most of our competitors are driven by the desire to sell equipment and are biased by their brand, our primary concern is understanding your business needs. We begin by focusing on how to optimize your existing assets. So instead of selling you the most expensive technology we can convince you to buy, we recommend only the equipment you need.

We see business productivity through your eyes.

Our consulting process allows us to identify areas in which you can harness new technology to increase productivity while reducing costs. We'll even help you determine your true cost of document production by conducting an assessment of your current document workflow with our PageVision analysis.

We see community service through your eyes.

Vision for The Future

From the beginning, ALT's mission has been to work as a team to exceed the expectations of our customers in both the quality of our products and the customer service we provide. Our vision for the future is to continue to invest in technology and partners that will enable us to provide our customers with:

  • Best in Class Infrastructure and Systems
  • World Class Toner Manufacturing Facilities
  • National Service Provider Networks
  • Centralized Invoicing
  • Innovative Strategies & Best Practices
  • Industry Expertise & Bargaining Power
  • The Best of Local Business
  • Superior Quality at Discounted Prices
  • Small Business Relationships, Big Business Experience & Resources

Strategic Partnerships

ALT has developed strategic partnerships with industry leaders to ensure that every ALT customer receives the best products and services regardless of size, industry or budget.

ALT partners with the very best manufacturing companies in the industry. ALT has unrestricted engineering and technical access to partner facilities. This enables ALT to co-develop products that are:

  • Equal to or better than OEM products
  • Truly best in class
  • First to market

ALT's unique relationship with their partners provides customers more choices, competitive prices and the quality and peace of mind customers deserve.

ALT Awards

In the 23 years that ALT has been striving to exceed the expectations of their customers, ALT has received numerous awards for outstanding customer service, entrepreneurship, company growth and sales and marketing.

ALT is a five-time Weatherhead 100 Company award winner and winner of the following awards:

  • Weatherhead 100 - Honoring the Fastest Growing Companies in N.E. Ohio
  • Better Business Bureau - Service Vision Award For Outstanding Customer Service
  • NEO - Inside Business Magazine's "One of the top performing businesses in N.E. Ohio"
  • Governor's Award - for Women's Excellence in Enterprise
  • North Coast - Honoring 99 of the Best Places to Work in N.E. Ohio
  • National Association of Women Business Owners - "Top Ten" Women Business Owners' Award
  • Progressive - Supplier Award of Excellence for Outstanding Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing Executives - Distinguished Sales & Marketing Award


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